2021 Scholarship Review

Below you will see each applicant listed with copies of their application and resume. By clicking on the words, application and resume you may download a copy of each. To simplify this years review, all applicants are included in the one link within the button below and will appear in the order of the applicants listed on the site. 

Please do your best to complete your review prior to our next Board Meeting in February. Remember BONS is offering up to $10,000 in scholarships annually, dispensing $500 grants for CE/conference scholarships and at least $1000 per student in an enrolled accredited institution of higher learning.

Thank you!

Crystal Derosier
Brittany Bowes
Danielle DeGonge
Sunny Ruggeri
Jeanne Aggouras
Mary Poyner Reed
Sheridan Aspinwall
Hope Spence
Alberto Ortega Costa
Toni Quilty