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ELECTIONS BEGIN 11/29/21 and END 12/20/21

President Elect - 2 year TERM

The president-elect or vice president has the following responsibilities.

- Actively observe and learn the role of the president.

- Assume the role of president in the following situations:

     - Absence of the president

     - Inability of the president to act

     - Resignation of the president

     - Expiration of the president’s term

     - Attend meetings of the chapter standing committees as delegated by the president (if applicable).

     - Consult with the president throughout the term of office to provide for continuity and smooth transition of chapter leadership.

     - Perform other responsibilities designated by the chapter board of directors or ONS National.



Director at Large - 2 year TERM

- Directors-at-large represent the general chapter membership on the board of directors.

- They perform responsibilities designated by the chapter board of directors.

- Expected to attend four board meetings per calendar year.

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