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BONS Board 2023! Now accepting Nominations

BONS Board Elections will open in December!

We are looking for a Treasurer & Director at Large for 2023-2025! Join this incredible ONS Chapter team!


ELECTIONS BEGIN 12/1/22 and END 12/20/21

Treasurer - 2 year TERM

The Treasurer shall fulfill the following:

  1. Receive all monies of the Chapter and disburse them under the direction of the BOD

  2. Sign all checks

  3. Keep full and regular books showing all receipts and disbursements and open these books to inspection by members upon request to the BOD

  4. Make such reports and perform other duties as the President or BOD may determine

  5. Deposit all monies received in the name of the Chapter in such depositories as designated by the BOD

  6. Present in writing a quarterly and an annual financial report at the regular membership meetings

  7. Comply with all the requirements of the Oncology Nursing Society Chapter Manual Financial Section

  8. Prepare an annual budget each September to present to the BOD for review and approval

  9. Shall serve a 2-year term

Director at Large - 2 year TERM

- Directors-at-large represent the general chapter membership on the board of directors.

- They perform responsibilities designated by the chapter board of directors.

- Expected to attend four board meetings per calendar year.

Click here to learn more and apply!

We look forward to hearing from you & reviewing your application,

Boston Chapter Board of Directors

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