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Join the Melanoma Challenge!

BONS was invited to participate in the Melanoma Challenge! Here's how to get involved! We hope you will join us.

“Hairstylist Melanoma Challenge”

How it works: Go to: to take “The Eyes on Cancer Melanoma Awareness Course”. From the top of the homepage click on “Courses” and then “Certification”, “Enroll in Course $10” OR TAKE Direct link to watch the video:

(If you experience any issues connecting, try Google Chrome Browser or try connecting on smart phone)     

Enter the coupon code:  ONCRN   and then hit the submit button. The other code on the website will temporarily get you in for free, but we track our ONS numbers with this code.Enter your name and email address(they instantly email you a certificate at the end of video). Where it says school or company put:  ONS and your town or hospital name. Don’t put in any of the credit card info stuff. Just hit submit. Watch the 20-minute video and take a brief post-test.Print out the certificate!!

To take part in the Social Media Challenge:

Go to Facebook: to Instagram: hairstylist_melanoma_challenge   Pictures can be posted with:  #HairstylistMelanomaChallenge OR: Eyes On Cancer (@eyesoncancer) Instagram Post a picture of you holding up your certificate for all the world to see!!!

Challenge other family members, healthcare professionals, friends, salons, hair stylists, massage therapists to join you in the challenge!!!

Post it on Facebook and Instagram!! Post it on the Salon walls!! Tell the world that YOU care about your clients!!! Then challenge another nurse, hairstylist, salon to do the same!!!


Questions? Call Sandy Allten, RN, OCN at: 386-231-4023,

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