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Moving Beyond Surviving ~ April 26th, 2021

Moving Beyond Surviving:

How to Embrace the Challenges and Find Joy in Your Leadership Role

On Demand Webinar

As a nurse new to leadership, you may feel like challenges confront you from all directions. You may see yourself functioning in survival mode, just trying to get through another day. There is a better way! You can embrace the challenges of your leadership role and find strength, satisfaction, and yes, joy in being a nurse leader.

This on-demand 90-minute webinar is FREE for both ANA members and non-members.



Pre-registration is required for individuals and groups.*

The viewing link will be emailed to all registrants on or about April 26, 2021 so you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Register now to receive a gift, the ebook, Optimizing Your Leadership Skills.

Led by Kristy Chunta, PhD, RN, a highly-acclaimed expert on new and developing nurse leaders, this webinar will focus on:

Surviving in the leadership role

  • Recognizing and addressing Imposter Syndrome

  • Surviving in a new leadership role

    • Personal adherence

    • Learning when to say no

    • Sharpening your personal focus

Managing expectations as a nurse leader

  • Strategies for managing up and managing down

  • Dealing with a bad boss

  • Finding a trusted mentor

Bringing respect and value to the work setting

  • Learning to disagree and still get along in 2021

  • Successfully addressing conflict

    • Valuing diversity and differences in the work setting

    • Best approaches for resolving conflict

    • Special circumstances - resolving conflict remotely and when you’re taken by surprise

    • Coaching your team to resolve conflict

Embracing the leadership role

  • Avoiding the Destination Addiction trap

  • Lead yourself – why is this so important and how can you effectively do this?

  • Managing your weekends as effectively as your weekdays

  • Lessons to learn as a leader

Dr. Chunta’s latest webinar will continue to bring new information to help you develop as a leader. Don’t miss this opportunity to shift your perspective and learn new ways to find greater satisfaction in your role as a nurse leader.

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