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Oncology Nurse Advisor Summit - March 21-24, 2023

Real Nurses, Real Solutions: Breakthrough Strategies in Oncology Nursing Practice

Mark your calendars now for the 9th annual Oncology Nursing Advisor (ONA) Summit, celebrating real oncology nurses, to be held virtually on March 21-24, 2024. Real Nurses, Real Solutions: Breakthrough Strategies in Oncology Nursing Practice honors the real-world experiences and expectations of oncology nurses, bringing state-of-the-science practice strategies to oncology nurses in all roles through presentations delivered by nationally/internationally renowned nursing faculty. Join us to discover real talk that acknowledges the unprecedented chronic stressors that affect your work; real nursing science that will enhance your knowledge and confidence; and real practical solutions to today’s persistent challenges in oncology nursing. Four Days of Real-World Solutions for Oncology Nurses This year's ONA Summit runs four days, which includes a special one-day pre-conference. Here are the details: One-Day Pre-Conference Hematology Intensive, March 21, 2024 Join us beginning Thursday afternoon, March 21st for the Hematology Intensive Pre-Conference What’s Blood Got to Do With It? providing you with a deep dive into all things malignant hematology. This 3.5-hour event will arm you with everything you need to know about malignant hematology disorders, from the origins of hematopoietic cell line cancers to effective diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and management. Access to our expert faculty via live virtual Q and A throughout the event assures that you’ll gain real and actionable strategies to manage these complex patients. Main Conference, March 22-24, 2024 The ONA Summit formally begins with cancer physiology and genetics core concepts, priming you for the intense three-day event. A sample of some of the other topics in the Summit include:

  • HR+/ HER- breast cancer

  • Skin cancers

  • Equality of Care


  • Advanced gynecologic cancers

  • CAR-T therapies

  • Mental Distress in Oncology Patients

After attending this 4-day, interactive live virtual Q&A with the moderators and presenting faculty, you will earn up to 18 CNE contact hours (based on 60 minutes per contact hour), which will include pharmacology hours and ILNA categories will also be noted. Join us to gain practical real time skills that can immediately be applied to your oncology practice.

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