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Expert Exchange 2022: Data-Driven Debates on the Evolving Bladder Cancer Landscape ~ 1.5 FREE CNE


Calling all night nurses or anyone that likes to stay up super late!! This event is 10pm EST to 12:30am.

Expert Exchange 2022: Data-Driven Debates on the Evolving Bladder Cancer Landscape: Harnessing Novelty to Improve Outcomes

San Francisco, CA US February 17, 2022 to February 18, 2022

In this Expert Exchange-based format, activity attendees will be immersed in a lively and dynamic discussion between key thought leaders in the world of bladder cancer. Using clinical cases, two top experts will discuss current hot topics across the disease continuum, and in doing so, provide answers to pivotal clinical questions.

TARGET AUDIENCE This activity is designed to meet the educational needs of medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, urologists, and other healthcare professionals that care for patients with bladder cancer.


  1. Appraise the expanding clinical trial evidentiary base across all stages of the bladder cancer disease continuum, including newly-approved indications, recently-reported data, and current consensus guideline recommendations for treatment of NMIBC, MIBC, and locally advanced/mUC.

  2. Examine the evolving bladder cancer management calculus, with a focus on evidence-based treatment sequencing strategies and/or combinatorial regimens incorporating platinum chemotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, targeted therapies, and antibody-drug conjugates.

  3. Design evidence-supported treatment plans for patients with bladder cancer, both in first-line and post-progression, by effectively integratin consensus guideline recommendations with patient-centric factors (i.e., performance status, renal function, PD-L1 expression, FGFR mutation, cytopathology, urinary markers, etc.).

  4. Identify immune-mediated adverse events (imAEs) that may occur in patients with bladder cancer receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors either as monotherapy or in combination, and implement adaptive imAE anticipation, recognition, and management strategies.

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